MASTER - Master 2CD

MASTER - Master 2CD

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MASTER's self-titled debut album was supposed to be one of the first death metal albums, right up there with "Scream Bloody Gore" by Death and "Seven Churches" by Possessed. Back in 1985 Master's creator Paul Speckmann had already compiled the classic songs for this debut album. Eager to get them on record, the band's management was convinced what Combat Records was offering wasn’t enough, and so nothing happened. Unfortunately not until 90’ did most get the pleasure of hearing the tracks, when they were (re-)recorded for Nuclear Blast! Master really never has been recognized as the world class innovators they truly are, but many bands have mentioned them as a huge influence. 

This album just has an unexplainable unique atmosphere, not present on most death metal albums released since. Paul Speckmann treats the listener with very distinct and harsh vocals. More harsh even than his vocals are his lyrics, very well written, from a sarcastic/cynical point of view. As for the riffs, the guitar tone is heavy as hell and way ahead of it’s time. Any fan of death/thrash, old school death, or just death metal will love this, and Master is a mandatory purchase!
This special edition contains the original 1985 version of the album, two versions (triggered and un-triggered) of the 1990 version, as well as a rehearsal demo feturing both album and unreleased tracks. A comprehensive document of one of Death Metal's most influential, yet unknown to the common public, classics!

Double digipack CD with hotfoil print,

Hammerheart 2017

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