MACABRE OMEN - Gods Of War - At War 2LP

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Eight years since their last release, and ten since their last full length, Macabre Omen brings over sixty minutes of grandiose black metal across eight tracks. Fusing the majestic and sweeping traditions of Hellenic black metal with the triumphant and epic pacing of Hammerheart era Bathory, Gods of War – At War proves there is truth in the old adage that good things coming to those who wait.  Despite the lengthy playing time, Gods of War – At War sails smoothly, belying that hour long playtime and feeling around half that. Most of the material is mid-paced, much like the majority of the Hellenic scene, but bursts of rollicking double bass runs and sharp melodies through fiery trem picking like at the beginning of the title track. Gorgeous wide spine 2xLP edition of this Epic Hellenistic Black Metal. Could be one of 2015's best. 

- fullcoloured jacket with golden hotfoil embossing
- 12" sized booklet with lyrics and impressions
- printed heavy innersleeves
- black vinyl (lim 300)

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