KATHAARIA - The Complex Void Of Negativity LP

KATHAARIA - The Complex Void Of Negativity LP

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Musically, The Complex Void Of Negativity is an exact reflection of it's title; reconstructing black metal in it's most unconventional forms, the album's harrowing descent into pure chaotic misanthropy is not brought on upon by solely by the disjointed, angularity of Kathaaria's rather spastic form of black metal, but also by themes of doom, disparity and devastation. Surprisingly, this dynamic onslaught is provided by only a band of two; guitarist Opolus, and drummer/vocalist Jhn may not be fortunate enough to have acquired the assistance of fellow band mates, but as they show on a near constant basis throughout the record, the duos strong chemistry is more than adequate to create an album high quality.

Totaling forty six minutes in length, one thing The Complex Void Of Negativity certainly won't be criticized for, is being a predictable record; weaving moments of unrequited beauty with labyrinths of well executed dissonance over tempo varying percussion, Kathaaria will keep you guessing until the end. Standing as the perfect example is opening song "Archives of Doubt"; opening with nothing more than the melodic distorted strum of Opolus, it is not long before changes in almost every way conceivable, subject to a maelstrom of furiously picked tremolo guitar lines and thunderous blast beats.

Although at times they still revert back to traditional old school black metal savagery, Kathaaria puts a certain emphasis on technicality that is undeniable. It is also undeniable that this overall technical approach should be the result of Opolus unique guitar lines; often randomly switching time signatures, playing styles and tempos, Jhn has no choice but to create equally as unique beats and fills, something he definitely managed to achieve on this album. Despite it's aggressive nature, there are plenty of melodic moments within The Complex Void of Negativity; "As Fear Changes Sides" opening has more in common with shoegaze than black metal while the last track "Aenigma" comes packed with slow, mourning melodies and ethereal clean picked sections.

With The Complex Void of Negativity establishing the band on the German black metal scene, it seems Kathaaria have given themselves the seemingly impossible task to create a sophomore album better than this.

Edition on white vinyl. Comes with a 4 page booklet and a poster.

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