KAOSRITUAL - Rituell Katarsis LP (GOLD)

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Back in the mid 2000’s Norwegian Black Metal was but a faint memory. With the originators treading different paths from where it all started, a craving for what once was needed to be refueled. A small group of individuals from Trondheim, Nidaros found each other and reignited that flame. Through the same malicious intent of creating havoc yet again, distancing themselves from the current Norwegian ‘scene’, the Nidrosian movement began. 

A handful of very different individuals treading the same left hand path, dabbling with aspects of Black Metal unheard of since the glory days.  Everyone contributed by aiding each other. Several demos and projects arose, but one specifically stood out by far very early on. A project that to this day stands like a pillar of Norwegian Black Metal history; KAOSRITUAL.

The band was founded, rehearsed and recorded based off their interpretations of early 90’s Black Metal. The era of murder, arson, Black Magick and spite. What you hear on these recordings, are the same chaos that fueled the originators, and is as genuine as the old classics. Created by a bunch of miscreants devoted to the same cause, with no boundaries, no thought or respect for anyone, just all focused on one thing: BLACK METAL. 

Restored version of the one and only KAOSRITUAL - Rituell Katarsis, remastered by M. of MGLA/No Solace. 

Jacket with 4/4c print + additional UV-spot
Inlay with 4/4c print
180g gold vinyl

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