KADAVEREICH - Radiance of Doom MCD

KADAVEREICH - Radiance of Doom MCD

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Kadavereich present a unique sound all their own which brims with a hazy, malevolent, nightmarish energy. “Radiance Of Doom” is much more than just Blackened Death Metal; it’s a psychotic trip through some wonderfully demented musicianship.

Despite the pummelling drums, intense speed, deeps growls and atmosphere of apocalyptic evil, the overall takeaway is less an abrasive experience and something far more hypnotic.

Like the hallucinations of a blood-drunk savage. There’s a feverish heat to the tracks, highlighted through screeching solos and burning tremolo passages. The desperate, Slayer-like solos and melodic work, cutting through the fiery maelstrom, feel like a white-hot lightning bolt. - Bloody News

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