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Jordsjø is a duo from Oslo, Norway inspired by old horror movies, German 70s synth music, Swedish prog, fantasy novels and Norwegian nature. Their music reflects the band’s longing for a simpler life close to nature and an imaginary past where life is centered around music.

While recording their second full-length album “Nattfiolen” they recorded more material than necessary – and they decided to not include the title track because of how long it was.
After a while, though, it was released as a stand-alone track on Bandcamp – and the demand for a physical release has been growing. So here it is, on a special limited edition 10-inch record, on gold vinyl.

The band consists of multi-instrumentalist Håkon Oftung (Tusmørke, Black Magic) and drummer Kristian Frøland.

Side A.
Nattfiolens Suite (part 1)
Side B.
Nattfiolens Suite (part 2)

Limited editon vinyl, 10″ Gold vinyl MLP. Limited to 300 copies worldwide.

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