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Upon offering its initial prophecy, “Grave Ekstasis,” in March 2013, Irkallian Oracle immediately left an indelible impression on its audience that was commensurate with the obscure oppressiveness of the music itself. like any band that truly deserves such a level of admiration in the wake of just a single recording, this Swedish death cult dedicated itself to surpassing its own highly-set standard in composing and eventually recording its second full-length album. “Apollyon,” the fruit of this endeavor hereby presented by Nuclear War Now!, has met and exceeded the lofty expectations resulting from the acclaim of “Grave Ekstasis.” In the same fashion as the first album, “Apollyon” achieves its effect by dragging the listener down into the most abysmal depths of subconscious oblivion. This descent is blanketed in a palpably dark atmosphere and primarily driven by a unique array of percussive patterns and instrumentation, all of which is complemented by the alternating swelling and contraction of the guitar riffs. “Apollyon” serves as a natural progression of the meditations begun on “Grave Ekstasis,” and this continuity is further exemplified by having once again chosen artist David Herrerias to visually manifest the band’s aural discourse. Behold the six-fold secret sung by the Abysmal Angel in dedication to the mysteries of the Infernal Sun.

Double Black vinyl, 5mm spine jacket, A2 poster, and 16 page booklet.

Nuclear War Now! 2016

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