INQUISITION - Black Mass For A Mass Grave 2LP

INQUISITION - Black Mass For A Mass Grave 2LP

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Black metal act Inquisition returns after four years of silence, with “Black Mass for a Mass Grave”. The duo Dagon (multi-instrumentalist), and Incubus (drums) continues to expand their boundaries by taking their craft to a whole other level. Within the thirty years of defining their signature style, Inquisition reaches the zenith of their prosperity, where the eighth studio album represents a clear refinement of the band’s evolution. Since 1990 the duo has been seemingly reinventing the wheel over and over again while achieving a certain maturity. As a result of this musical growth, the latest output captures the quintessence of the aural experience which the band has offered on past albums. On “Black Mass for a Mass Grave”, Inquisition opens new musical portals with the guitars creating some kind of uncanny and palpable atmosphere.

“Black Mass for a Mass Grave” is a monumental work of sublime art brimmed with the grandiosity of modern black metal. Despite its long duration of over an hour, Inquisition provides dark inspiration that will captivate and make you drift across the haunting realms. This is definitely an outstanding release and absolutely a must for the fans of Immortal, Bathory, and Cult of Fire.  

Double black vinyl in heavy gatefold sleeves + digital download code.

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