INFERNÖ - Thrash Metal Dogs Of Hell MLP

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INFERNÖ were among the first Norwegian bands to resurrect the oldschool ways of metal during the mid-90s. Picking up the axe left behind in the 80s by Destruction, Sodom, Slayer and so on, INFERNÖ, alongside contemporaries Aura Noir, Gehennah, Nocturnal Breed and a few others spearheaded a new wave of old thrash metal. Releasing two albums on Osmose, and touring with Absu and Enslaved, the band gained a certain notoriety, not least thanks to their lunatic vocalist Hazardouz Pussy Desecrator.
In 2004, INFERNÖ made their hitherto last recording; 4 songs were caught on tape in Audiopain's FiasCo studio, and these were spread across 3 different 7" releases on Duplicate Records, including the infamous Überthrash compilations also featuring Audiopain, Nocturnal Breed and Aura Noir. These EPs have been sold out for years, so now these 4 tracks, by many considered INFERNÖ's strongest material, are finally released together, as a standalone ltd.MLP.

Ltd. piss yellow vinyl (100x) / black vinyl (200x) in a glossy sleeve.

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