IMPALEMENT - Gangrenous Flesh Feast MC

IMPALEMENT - Gangrenous Flesh Feast MC

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You wanted underground? Here's something really underground for you! Impalement was a short-lived Death Metal band from Norway that managed to record two unreleased demos before calling it quits. These recordings were thought lost forever until one of the few CDrs made containing them were discovered last year. Through the combined effort of the label and the band, this album was assembled from those recovered files and is the only surviving sounds of Impalement.
A brutal and violent album from members of among others Vingulmork, Break, Manhattan Skyline and Band of Bonesmen, this should please any Death Metal fan, especially fans of Morbid Angel, Grave and Mortician! Get your hands on this highly obscure piece of Norwegian Death Metal today, before it's too late!

This release is released in old cases from the 80's and 90's, comes with a Bandcamp code and is limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

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