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Duplicate Records proudly presents ILHALUNG, whose debut album Falskhetens Dualitet is released on CD/LP in conspiracy with Dark Horizon Records.

ILHALUNG was formed in Trondheim, Norway by seasoned players in the metal community. On their debut album, Falskhetens Dualitet, they offer forty minutes of atmospheric yet harsh music that's both clearly rooted in classic Norwegian black metal, as well as treading its own path.

While Falskhetens Dualitet is a fresh take on an old genre, it transcends stylistic conventions altogether in favour of building its own world, both sonically and in terms of the lyrical messages it conveys. Seeing religious dogma and societal norms of what is accepted and not as a spiritual cage.

Perfectly backing the poetically laden critique of the inability to think for oneself, is the ever building atmosphere, filled with both darkness and light. A poignant and understated wealth of songwriting, the album is so much more than the sum of it parts, and listening to it (preferrably alone) start to finish is recommended for the full emotional reward.

Ltd. to 300 copies in 6 panel digipack.

Duplicate Records / Dark Horizon Records 2022

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