HELLWITCH - Omnipotent Convocation LP

HELLWITCH - Omnipotent Convocation LP

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Nearly thirty years after their mythical debut the Witches from Hell decided to shoot another full-length in the aether. It’s not that they have completely vanished from the social consciousness all these years; in fact, they were one of the few veterans that have always been around, reminding of themselves on more or less regular bases be it with a video, or an EP, or a demo, or the odd compilation. They’ve peppered the road from their first showing to the album reviewed here with short, episodic appearances thus leaving the fanbase in constant suspense as to what else might come out of their camp. Said fanbase was perhaps expecting something as beautifully chaotic and compulsively intricate as this first showing, but apparently such outbreaks of genius were not meant to occur as often on the earth plane…

Hellwitch is something of a legend in the Florida death metal scene. The band formed 25 years ago, released a slew of demos, EPs, and a single full-length (Syzygial Miscreancy) before disbanding. They reformed a few years ago and now return to the spotlight with their sophomore album Omnipotent Convocation, a smattering of intensely fast thrashing death metal which operates in the rarely visited territory that channels the speed and malevolence of peers Morbid Angel, the prowess of Atheist and the vicious sneering abandon of Sadus.

Ltd. 150x black vinyl with insert

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