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Gespenst ("phantom" in Danish) are a new Danish act featuring (ex) members of Glorior Belli, Woebegone Obscured, Horned Almighty etc. On their upcoming debut album Forfald ("decay" in Danish), they create an otherworldly atmosphere by fusing Scandinavian black metal with funeral doom and touches of dark ambient. 40 minutes loaded with tension from start to finish. Of the closing track Life Drained To The Black Abyss, No Clean Singing wrote; "[it] has an otherworldly quality. It begins slowly, with deep, droning bass tones and dissonant guitar melodies, and then moves into a blasting eruption followed by a slow-rocking rhythm enshrouded in bleak, ominous atmosphere. The indigo-shaded off-world guitar melodies ratchet the tension until the tightly-wound spring uncoils in a spacey ambient interlude. And what follows from that is a slow, mesmerizing segment that’s both immensely heavy and shimmeringly ethereal."

Ltd. to 300 copies, 6 panel digipack CD

Duplicate Records / Hellthrasher Productions 2016

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