GEHENNAH - Brilliant Loud Overlords Of Destruction LP

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Critical Mass Recordings are proud to present the first ever release of GEHENNAH’s demo recording from 1994. This 10-track recording is a true hidden gem in Swedish metal history, as it had a very limited circulation back in the tape trading days. We have put great effort in getting the best possible mastering and restoration of this nearly 30 year old recording, and the result will blow your mind!
The 10 tracks were recorded about one year before the cult album debut “Hardrocker”, and shares several tracks, but is a completely different recording featuring the founding drummer Captain Cannibal. Three of the songs are not available on any previous GEHENNAH release. Don’t miss out on this piece of Swedish metal savagery!
140 gram black vinyl LP, with black poly-lined inner bag and a double-sided insert with lots of previously unseen photos, plus the full tape demo cover art!

1. Winter of War
2. Skeletons in Leather
3. Brilliant Loud Overlords Of Destruction
4. A Black Majesty
5. Blood Metal
6. I Am the Wolf
7. The Call from R’Lye
8. Piss Off, I’m Drinking
9. Burnin’ Strings
10. Bitch Sacrifice

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