ETHEREAL SHROUD - They Became the Falling Ash 2LP (CLEAR)

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"They Became the Falling Ash" is a stupendous effort in layered atmospheric depressive blackened doom metal. It has many elements that should make it a great album: a distinctive ghostly ambience that heightens the moods and emotions expressed in the songs; a firm grasp of the types of melodies, riffs and sounds that produce an impending feeling of chaos and hysteria; good use of reverb and other effects; and a style and production that make the music monstrous. It does fall short of being great, and that's a pity - but it's better to strive for greatness, to approach making recordings as if each and every one of them is going to be your last and the only legacy of yours that you leave behind.

For fans of Spectral Lore, Lustre, Vemod.

Ltd. 200, double natural clear vinyl in gatefold cover.

Throne Records 2023

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