DJEVEL - Besatt Av Maane Og Natt LP (GOLD/BLACK)

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"Besatt av Maane og Natt" has it all and is presented in a way only DJEVEL could wield forth. With members of three highly respective bands (Kvelertal, Nettlecarrier, Koldbrann), DJEVEL is a powerhouse of an unholy alliance. Legions of Black Metal aficionados will welcome the band, especially those with the love for such bands as Taake, Darkthrone, Windir and Tsjuder. Not only is "Besatt av Maane og Natt" a masterful release, it is the accumulation of a multi-talented band, and it is suggested you check out their other musical endeavors as well.

Reissue, gold/black marbled vinyl. Limited edition with lyrics for the first time.

Aftermath Music 2022

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