DIGEST! - Hard To Digest MC

DIGEST! - Hard To Digest MC

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With their first Demo the duo DIGEST! proves that not much is needed to decently rip everything apart. Death Metal without unnecessary additions but with the certain something! Old school as fuck!

In times in which it seems that thousands of records are released every day "Digest!" appear with their rude, blunt and snotty Death Metal, push you to the side, get their instruments ready without talking too much and blast 4 enormously strong songs through your ears with such a potential that some other bands have to struggle to keep up with it. That's how Death Metal works!

Lately, not a single Death Metal demo was able to excite me that quickly and to easily blow me away like this awesome shit here. Death Metal with enormously much dirt and a middle finger towards all plastic trendy Death Metallers who think that Death Metal has to be perfect and clear.

Finally again here's some Death Metal with balls and a little punk attitude without posing, without frills, just pure agression. Nothing more is needed!

-- Rayk, Krachmanifest Zine (Germany) --

Tape limited to 100 handnumbered copies.

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