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The outlaws from down under deliver another pummeling and relentless lesson in aggression with full length number 6(66). ‘Never Surrender’ is a furious assault of black thrash, chainsaw riffs, and warlike drums, offering no moment of reprisal as it rages on for 40 unyielding minutes. With this offering, Deströyer 666 takes no prisoners For fans of DESASTER, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, AURA NOIR, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, BESTIAL MOCKERY, RAZOR OF OCCAM. Artwork by Alex Kemp.

Collector's edition in deluxe clamshell box (with UV spot gloss) holding:
- 'Never Surrender' on black CD incl. exclusive bonus track "Bitter Scorn" in deluxe Digipak (with UV spot gloss) with 16-page booklet.
- Woven patch with red merrow border (height 14 cm).
- 3D pentagram pendant with wolf head (width 45mm, height 6mm).
Limited to 3,000 copies worldwide - all items are exclusive to this box!

Season Of Mist 2022

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