DEATHHAMMER - Forever Ripping Fast 2LP (GREEN)

DEATHHAMMER - Forever Ripping Fast 2LP (GREEN)

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Originally released in 2011 by HELLS HEADBANGERS on double-12” format, Forever Ripping Fast was DEATHHAMMER’s first release with the label, a partnership which continues to this day. At the time, these Norwegian blackthrash upstarts had released their now-classic debut album, Phantom Knights, and their infamy was building ever more. But, prior to that debut LP did DEATHHAMMER reap underground acclaim with an onslaught of demos and EPs – and that’s where Forever Ripping Fast came in. Spanning 18 tracks total across 57 minutes, this bursting-at-the-seams slab of wax (yes, the band’s first-ever vinyl release!) compiled all prior demos and EPs as well as a bonus cover of Japan's legendary Sabbat. DEATHHAMMER, of course, continued to build their own legendary status, and even this early on, metal magick can be felt: hear them in their rawest and meanest state with Forever Ripping Fast, back in print on VINYL!

2020 pressing on olive green vinyl. Comes in gatefold jacket with the demo covers silkscreened on the D side of the record.

Hells Headbangers 2020

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