DARKSPACE - Dark Space -I LP

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Darkspace creates a hypnotic wall of sound which entwines your senses leaving you stunned and strangely invigorated. The easiest way to describe Darkspace is as an essentially black metal band whose music attempts to articulate the void of space. But it’s easy to fall into the trap of such a simple conception, as beneath the surface, things are far more complex than they seem. With obvious influences from groups such as Thorns and Velvet Cacoon, Darkspace pushes beyond the foundations of black metal resulting in an intense atmospheric melody of buzzing haze and monotonous sounds. A must to any fan of atmospheric black metal that isn’t afraid of a little musical unorthodoxy.

Embossed cover on front and back, gatefold, printed black inside, full black inner sleeve with label logo.

Avantgarde Music 2019

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