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Certain band’s careers command respect, even from the most demanding connoisseurs. In just four albums, German quartet Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult has risen among the international black metal elite through its stylistic intransigence and seriousness of its convictions. More than three years after the release of Saldorian Spell, the band returns with Necrovision. 

So much power, anger and resentment are emerging from this record that it will leave you speechless: Necrovision is a pure black metal manifest. Instead of opting for a dry production, the band develops a rich, organic and extremely heavy sound, thus emphasizing rhythm instruments, especially the drums, which are omnipresent.

While their previous albums were unequivocally part of chilly and linear true black metal register, Necrovision’s songs are far more catchier, with very good and thrashy riffs, particularly on Primordial Sapphirine Driplets and The Eviscerator. The band even integrate old songs samples and clean guitar passages on Necrocosmic Vision. Not to forget the raspy and extremely aggressive voice of Onielar, a rare front woman in the hyper masculine black metal universe.

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult have an exceptional overall quality record, and Necrovision is highly recommended to anyone who claims to enjoy black metal.

War Anthem 2013

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