CRYFEMAL - Perpetua Funebre Gloria CD

CRYFEMAL - Perpetua Funebre Gloria CD

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The third full-length album of this one-man black metal band from Madrid. Cryfemal play a desperate and harrowing brand of black metal. On first listen a similarity to the general "depressive black metal" sound may be apparent, but this simple description doesn't do the album justice. The album has an abyssic feel, and the fact that the guitar riffs are almost exclusively based on descending themes give the feeling of falling into this abyss. There is a sense of inevitability here. The speed of the songs, the discordance of the riffs (which often include clusters of notes only semitones apart) and the distinct absence of reflective/instrumental sections relate the feeling of something unstoppable, or something which cannot be helped. The vocals are absolutely crucial in creating this inexorable, desperate album. They instill a sense of frenzied urgency. Ebola sounds totally unhinged, and the emotion which flows from him, unhindered, lies somewhere between utter despondency and intense fear, all expressed with great hysteria. While the album is personal in terms of the fervent and violent display of anguish, it is also alienating. The listener has been taken somewhere, almost against their will. They have undergone the realization of the fearfulness of death, as well as its certainty and absoluteness. Perpetua Funebre Gloria is not supposed to be pleasant, but best described as an appaling and dreadful journey.

Includes 5 bonus tracks and a video.

Undercover Records Brazil 2010

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