CORRUPTER - Descent Into Madness CD

CORRUPTER - Descent Into Madness CD

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From the very first to the very last track “Descent Into Madness”, the debut album of the French duo Corrupter, shows you limpidly who is in charge for over 30 minutes!
Listeners are struck by the Raw Death Metal sound and Old-School rhythms of this French band… It is a world where the word “delicacy” is absent but teems with terror and sonic violence. On the 9 songs that make up this first record of Corrupter, you will not be spared a bit.

You are pummeled from every side by mischievous, schizophrenic, gloomy riffs, by pounding drums that oscillate in your head at dizzying speeds, by a hectic bass hammer style, and by an abrasive vocal that almost tears the flesh from your bones.
The lyrics and instrumental part work great together, as they describe exasperation, repugnance, nihilism, and death’s flattery.

This release features the guest appearance of William Roussel aka Meyhna’ch, the man behind the famous French Black Metal band Mütiilation!
“Descent Into Madness” is an uncompromising, good album full of noise and rage, peculiar, confusing harmonies, a dissonant work that will definitely astonish you.
- Bloody News

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