CONDOR - Unstoppable Power LP (BLOOD RED)

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Finally the follow-up to the self-titled debut album is ready, and what a sequel it is. Whilst the debut was a deadly bite of oldschool thrashing speed menace (German Rock Hard even assumed that „everything which came out after 1986 had NO influence AT ALL on Condor’s debut.”), Unstoppable Power is more inspired, better thought-through and better written and recorded than the debut. Whilst the band's early main influences - Aura Noir, but also Darkthrone, Death, Obliteration, Bathory and a lot of the old classic death/black/thrash bands - still shine through, this time Condor have also found inspiration in German and South American bands, such as Sodom, Sarcófago, Sepultura, Violent Force, Kreator and especially Destruction. Sailing up as one of 2017 THE thrash metal releases of 2017, this power is indeed unstoppable! The album artwork was done by the master of fukked up art himself: ROK from Sadistik Exekution!

3rd pressing: 150 x transparent blood-red vinyl, insert.

High Roller Records

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