CONCRETE WINDS - Concrete Winds CD (Preorder)

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To all death metal lunatics and black metal psychopaths left out there in this toothless and tamed scene, CONCRETE WINDS are back to push spikes, needles, and barbed wire into your ears! Once again, the noise aggressors slit the veil from beyond and step into our world to pillage and hound to death all what was known, predictable, and comfortable in metal music. Their third album is self-titled for mandatory reasons and shows the band furthermore exploring the EXTREME in extreme metal. This truly is rabies set to music! As expected, the album is rooted in outrageous speed, heaviest trembling rhythm passages, abysmal croaked curses, turbulent breaks, and repulsive shrieking leads which let you drown in a maelstrom of insanity. But this time, new layers are also added to the pandemonic universe, as weird staccato riffing sections bleed into witching industrial scenarios. CONCRETE WINDS have always gone further than any recent extreme metal outfit and leave out everything that's established in music, cut off what became comfortable in metal, and blow away what still feels "appropriate" in extreme metal. It seems that this once-urgent attitude to explore limits finally has a new helmsman.

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