CELESTIAL GRAVE - Vitriolic Atonement LP

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Since their public unveiling in 2016 with the hideous & haunting Burial Ground Trance demo, Finland’s CELESTIAL GRAVE have been steadily perfecting a craft that already arrived fully formed. While the band’s brand of black metal does bear some semblance to certain sectors of their native land’s long-running and -esteemed scene, CELESTIAL GRAVE largely unshackle themselves from "Finnish black metal" and locate a muse that’s uniquely focused and fiercely personal. Such was the case with the epic four-song Secular Flesh debut album in 2019, and now, three years later, that case is even stronger with their second album, Vitriolic Atonement.

Black vinyl LP in reverse print jacket and 16-page booklet.

The Sinister Flame 2022

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