BODE PRETO - Inverted Blood LP

BODE PRETO - Inverted Blood LP

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From the lands of Teresina, Brazil comes Bode Preto or "Black Goat" in Portuguese, a rather generic name which gives you a tiny idea of what the music is about; esentially, Bode Preto picks up where Sarcofago left off in Rotting and INRI and expands upon Sepultura's Bestial Devastation, all the while adding up elements of european black metal, the style of Bode Preto is heavily based around Brazilian old school extreme metal, and this can be easily heard from the beggining of the album, which starts off with a very low-pitched intro of a creepy, demonic voice speaking at us, simple and straightforward, after this fairly short intro, the listener is bombarded with utter and sheer audial savagery from the kiling combo of vocals, guitars and blasting drums. And by the way, The ex- guitarist of Sarcofago, Fábio Jhasko plays the lead on three songs in this album.

Limited to 500 obscure copies!

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