BEHERIT - The Oath Of Black Blood MC

BEHERIT - The Oath Of Black Blood MC

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Behold the second coming of Beherit's "The Oath of Black Blood" - this time around as an official, band-sanctioned release. It is a none too gentle breeze of rancid corpse-breath from the beginning of the second wave of black metal, as defined by Beherit, the Canadian Blasphemy and a whole bunch South-American maniacs. Tons of spikes, bullet belts, ugly facepaint and a lot of unhealthy interests were the hallmarks of the genre. "The Oath of Black Blood", includes material recorded from June to September 1990. Initially released in 1991, the album is traditional, fast and brutal old school black metal, heavily influenced by death metal, thrash metal and grindcore. However, it is not a separately recorded studio album. The band got some funding for recording an album from their record label at the time, Turbo Music, but supposedly spent the money on alcohol. The label then released their demo "Demonomancy" demo, backed by the "Dawn of Satan's Millennium" 7" EP as a compilation, without the band's permission, and named it "The Oath of Black Blood", which was originally supposed to be the name of the new album. Essential evil from the grim past. Discover the rotten roots of modern Black Metal.

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