BEHERIT - Bardo Exist 2CD

BEHERIT - Bardo Exist 2CD

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From out of nowhere comes a brand new BEHERIT album! As always the finns surprise, this time creating an utterly dark atmosphere. Sometimes reminiscent of 70s electronic music like Schulze, Tangerine Dream etc, and sometimes almost primitive industrial in the vein of innovators such as Throbbing Gristle, Boyd Rice and so on. If you find the prospect of a "non-BM" Beherit album somewhat underwhelmining, rest assured that this album is as dark as they come, only utilising a different set of tools than what BEHERIT is mostly known for, bringing the atmosphere of their previous electronic efforts to a new level.

Ltd. digipack LP. The first pressing includes a bonus CD containing the 23-minute title track not on the album.

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