BATHORY - Blood On Ice 2LP

BATHORY - Blood On Ice 2LP

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Blood on Ice is a concept album by the Swedish viking metal band Bathory. The master tapes were recorded in 1989, but the album was not immediately released, both because the album was never properly finished, and because founder and song-writer Quorthon was worried that it presented too drastic a departure from the band's previous black metal sound. It was eventually released, after re-mastering and re-editing on more advanced studio equipment, in 1996, partly through fan-pressure resulting from his mentioning of the project in an interview. Quorthon expands on this, as well as more specific matters about the recording of Blood on Ice and many of the other early Bathory albums in his liner notes for this release. The album's plot follows ideas and formats typical of the sagas, but was written by Quorthon himself. The album cover is drawn by Kristian Wahlin.

Double black vinyl in gatefold cover

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