AUTOKRATOR - The Obedience To Authority CD

AUTOKRATOR - The Obedience To Authority CD

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Having previously explored the mind and doings of historic madman Nero, French “industrial death drone” duo Autokrator explore the fascist tendencies of the human condition with their sophomore effort, the crushing The Obedience to Authority. As evidenced by their first, self-titled album, Autokrator’s music is a relentless exercise in endurance: L.F.’s instrumental tracks, a dense wall of inhuman death metal noise, overwhelm and crumble hindrances to dust. The Obedience To Authority is a continuation on this tradition, though with a larger sense of restraint. This album won’t blow out your subwoofers, but Autokrator will still shake you to your core. The sounds of authority, the regimented torture of totalitarianism. Autokrator is Orwell’s dreaded eternal stamping boot, and it will forevermore.

6 panel digipack.

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