ARCHAIC THORN - In Desolate Magnificence MCD

ARCHAIC THORN - In Desolate Magnificence MCD

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From the very depths of the German underground, ARCHAIC THORN is anouncing the imminent release of their debut EP called "In Desolate Magnificence" through UNHOLY PROPHECIES. After an outstanding demo, released back in 2013, the German trio has recorded 4 new tracks + intro of the most pure and deep Nihilistic Death Metal you've heard for quite some time now.

Recorded once again with J.-M. Lehr, this outstanding release will definitely apply to all those Death metallers who live & die for those suffocating rites, the old-school vibe, the rotting feeling and the obscure atmosphere that only the real Death Metal can provide. Everything in this band is deeply rooted in the underground. And you can feel that from the very first tunes of "APPERTVRAE MORTIS" until the last note of "Unchained", the track that closes this exhausting experience. No gore, no blastbeats. Only pure, genuine, real, ancient old-school Death Metal.

The band itself sums up their intentions in just a few words: We spread the words of Messorem, as life is a beautiful lie and death the painful truth. There is nothing to add to those words.

You will like this release if you listen to bands like GRAVE MIASMA, SADISTIC INTENT, AUTOPSY, NECROS CHRISTOS and the like.

The whole design (cover art, inlay, backcover) was done by the Brazilian artist Elias Aquino.

MCD version limited to 500 units

Unholy Prophecies

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