ANGELCORPSE - The Inexorable LP

ANGELCORPSE - The Inexorable LP

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Each Angel Corpse album is a logical progression from the one that preceded it. Their Goats to Azazel demo has an extremely raw production making it sound similar to something like Blasphemy or Sarcofago. Exterminate added more intensity and complexity. With The Inexorable, Angel Corpse have expanded their style to its apocalyptic max. Angel Corpse motor through 8 tracks of war, conquest and blasphemy at totally breakneck speeds, much like Reign in Blood in execution. However this is far better than your average speed freak metal. The style is roughly Morbid Angel crossed with Blasphemy and given a good production. Pete Helmkamp and Gene Palubicki make the most of this style with excellent riffs, expressive lyrics and vocals and songs that are well written, each with a unique feel and meaning (a rare trait in blasting death metal). Pete delivers one of his best vocal performances on this album, snarling coherently with sheer malice. The emotion in his voice compliments his superb lyrics perfectly. Philosophical, historical and maniacal, these poems are Pete envisioning his personal war on the world. Angel Corpse represents a conquest on all that should dare to stand in your way and this message is hammered home with the words, the voice and the feel of the music.

Re-issue, 250 x black 12" (180g) in a black poly-lined innerbag, gatefold, full-color - black flood inside on 350g with UV partial lacquer, all assembled in a PVC overbag.

Osmose 2021

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