ANCIENT WISDOM - For Snow Covered The Northland LP

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A remastered edtion of For Snow Covered the Northland. A triumphant expression of atmospheric and melodic blackened Doom Metal.

‘For Snow Covered the Northland’ was the first full-length album from the Swedish Black/Doom Metal band Ancient Wisdom, which was formed in 1992 by Markus Norman (also of the band Throne of Ahaz & Bewitched), then under the moniker of Pain, then Ancient.

Ancient Wisdom’s career began with the 1993 cassette ‘In the Eye of the Serpent’ before going on to release 4 albums with the Italian label, Avantgarde Music. Though recorded in 1994, the debut album eventually saw release in 1996 and was notable for its highly atmospheric compositions & melodic slow-mid tempo riffing – a large departure from the all-out speed of many of their contemporaries at the time - and other sounds such as acoustic guitar & keyboards were effectively utilised to heighten the atmosphere.

Black vinyl with printed inner sleeve and lyrics.

Peaceville 2022

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