ANCIENT WISDOM - For Snow Covered The Northland 2CD (Preorder)

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A remastered edtion of For Snow Covered the Northland. A triumphant expression of atmospheric and melodic blackened Doom Metal.

‘For Snow Covered the Northland’ was the first full-length album from the Swedish Black/Doom Metal band Ancient Wisdom, which was formed in 1992 by Markus Norman (also of the band Throne of Ahaz & Bewitched), then under the moniker of Pain, then Ancient.

Ancient Wisdom’s career began with the 1993 cassette ‘In the Eye of the Serpent’ before going on to release 4 albums with the Italian label, Avantgarde Music. Though recorded in 1994, the debut album eventually saw release in 1996 and was notable for its highly atmospheric compositions & melodic slow-mid tempo riffing – a large departure from the all-out speed of many of their contemporaries at the time - and other sounds such as acoustic guitar & keyboards were effectively utilised to heighten the atmosphere.

‘For Snow Covered the Northland’ has been remastered for this release, and contains a bonus disc featuring extensive rare material from the early years of the band, including the ‘In the Eyes of the Serpent’ and ‘Through Rivers of the Eternal Blackness’ demos, plus rare promo and rehearsal tracks.

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