ABKEHR - In Feuer CD

ABKEHR - In Feuer CD

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Formed in 2015 in Northern Germany, a duo formed a new force in the world of Black Metal. Raash and H. drew from influences such as Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, and Mgla and forged them with traditional Norwegian Black Metal to create Abkehr, a raw and atmospheric venture into the frozen wilderness where there is no hope and no one to care.

Formed of 4 tracks that span a total of 31 minutes, the steady-paced album builds purposefully and creates a chilling atmosphere, that only gets more despairing as the feedback is met by flatly hammering drums before a shuttering vocal narrates the depressive subject that the music paints a bleak background for.

The droning riffs worm their way into your subconscious and create self-doubt and an uneasy feeling as you begin to sit on the edge. The depths that this album plunges you to as the album progresses are of a level that is unusual and rarely experienced. With no constraints on the length of the tracks, they worm their destructive and dark ways through each vein and numb every nerve that they come into contact with.

In Blut is an experience that will be grasped at by the fans of Black Metal and is highly recommended to any fan of the genre. 

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