ABJVRATION - The Unquenchable Pyre LP

ABJVRATION - The Unquenchable Pyre LP

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The phrase ‘death metal from the pits’ takes new meaning upon one listen to ABJVRATION’s abrasive debut EP The Unquenchable Pyre. Enriched by organic production values and enhanced by vast and rich tonalities, The Unquenchable Pyre is a layered work of massive power. Its five carefully crafted cuts envelop the listener in a weird voyage of distress and pessimism and as it advances ABJVRATION finds new ways to entrance the listener via excruciatingly heavy doom passages, distorted and otherworldly voices, spare samples and a death metal narrative that is evolving and obscure. ABJVRATION is a French band comprised by ex-members of Huata and Funeralium. This is their first recording.

The vinyl version has an exclusive track not included on other formats.

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