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Originally released in 2015, In Times is the thirteenth studio album from Norway's Enslaved. Comprised of 6 tracks spanning nearly an hour in length In Times became the band's highest selling first week release at the time.

As is the case with the vast majority of the band’s previous releases In Times is a meticulously crafted musical journey through the Enslaved musical universe, taking cues from both progressive rock/metal and their blackened viking metal roots of old. The three year break did Kjellson and co well, because the bands sounds really inspired on tracks like ‘Building With Fire’, ‘One Thousand Years Of Rain’ and the impressive title track. Stylistically In Times expands on the course set out on Axioma Ethica Odini and Riitirr, yet for some reason the new record feels the most complete and accomplished of the three.

Ltd. transparent red vinyl double LP in gatefold with etching on side D.

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